We are Homebaked

Homebaked is a community land trust and co-operative bakery situated on the boundary between the neighbourhoods of Everton and Anfield, just opposite the Liverpool Football Club. The project is co-owned and co-produced by people who live and work in the area. Starting from having saved our iconic neighbourhood bakery from demolition and developed it into a thriving community-run business with a beautiful apartment above we are proposing to regenerate our high street ‘brick by brick and loaf by loaf’, using money that is spent in our neighbourhood to benefit its communities. 

This work is based on the simple belief that we all deserve to live well. For us, that means good jobs, secure homes, great food and welcoming spaces to meet, share stories, learn and celebrate.

The co-operative bakery, café and pie shop employs and trains local people and pays a living wage. All surplus made by the business is re-invested in new jobs, learning and celebration. We are famous for our inventive and tasty pies but we also make affordable fresh bread, amongst other things. The food is loved by our community and match day visitors and we also sell pies wholesale, on markets and to events. The café has become an important meeting space for local residents and visitors to the area. Homebaked Co-operative Bakery is proof that a community-owned business can not only exist on our high street but flourish and be cherished.  

Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) takes care of the 'bricks' and a vision for community-led regeneration of wider parts of the high street. Currently, we are refurbishing the flat above the bakery to become a home for local young people and are simultaneously building our first public square on the high street.

Starting from the model of the bakery building the CLT is developing a community-owned high street with high spec affordable apartments for local residents that sit above real shops and amenities. The plans for this scheme have been created in design processes led by local residents in collaboration with Liverpool based architects office Architectural Emporium.

In response to a series of failed top-down regeneration schemes we believe that a community should decide for itself what is best for it and take matters into their own hands regarding the future of their neighbourhood. We believe in a development that is rooted in what is present, not constantly referring to what might be missing. We want regeneration and we also want house prices and rents that still make it possible for the people to stay or return who have lived here for a long time and young people to be able to afford living in the neighbourhood. In order for that to be possible we, like many other neighbourhoods in the country, are developing and testing community housing models that offer long-term affordable and secure tenure and retain physical assets and land to be excluded from speculative investment and to benefit the community.

We do this work together as an ever-growing group and diverse membership of residents, community activists, bakers, artists, occasional comedians, football fans, accountants, builders, storytellers, critical friends and more. We are all Homebaked. 

There are a number of ways you can get involved in our movement. Popping by to say hello and buy some bread, or one of our famous pies, is just one of them, and many people who do go on to become an active voting member, volunteer or team member are others. We look forward to welcoming you soon. 

“One of the beauties of this project is the people, and the richness the different perspectives give to understanding how to reach the goals of the main idea. The perspectives may vary and may well be opposed to your own, but they all relate to achieving the same, and shape the whole.”

Fred Brown, co-founder of the Homebaked CLT