Homebaked Cooperative Bakery

We are good food on the table.

We are perhaps most famous for our inventive and tasty pies but we also make affordable fresh bread, amongst other things at Homebaked. We are loved by our community and match day visitors to Anfield but we also sell pies wholesale and to events and host a variety of hands-on workshops like ‘More than a loaf.’

Our bakery is a community space for local residents and visitors to the area. It is a place for people to meet, share stories, celebrate and develop ideas for our neighbourhood together.

We employ and train local people and pay a living wage. Today we are the only producing business on our high-street.

Our bakery and cafe have great symbolic importance locally as a place where people’s paths cross, but also resonates at a more universal level. Bricks and bread, providing sustenance and shelter, are two of the most basic things a community needs.

And we were nearly not here at all…

In the summer of 2013 we were all set to open the bakery with start-up funding from a successful Kickstarter Campaign while the CLT had received a grant from the Social Investment Bank of £ 100,000 to refurbish the bakery.Then with the announcement of a new master-plan for the area, the council decided to demolish our stretch of the high street. We were distraught. In a community meeting we decided collectively to take the risk and manifest our proposal anyway. We invested a small funding and did a very basic refurbishment, just enough to have a place to work with. And we opened the bakery as a business. This affirmative action together with long negotiations eventually led to an agreement with the City Council that excludes the bakery from demolition.