Homes and Shops

We are homes to live in and spaces to work from.

Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) was formed in April 2012. We are a community-led housing and enterprise scheme born as a way to collectively confront the issues facing the stagnated development of our neighbourhood. At the heart of our endeavour is the principle of creating value, social, cultural and monetary, that stays in the neighbourhood and is invested here to benefit everyone.

The vision of Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) is to regenerate our high street from the bottom up and offer long-term affordable and secure housing for people who would like move (back) to the area and real shops and amenities for local people and visitors alike.

We started on a process of designing, planning and learning together with other people in our local community; a project which we named ‘Build your own High Street.’ It has grown from the model of the bakery, and proposes a larger scheme of community-led development and regeneration of the block adjacent to the bakery, providing workspace for social enterprise, long-term affordable housing, and communal outdoor space. The work is led by a group of local people who form the core design team. Together we appointed the Liverpool based office Architectural Emporium who have been working with us to develop the design and ideas for the new scheme.

The CLT recently secured a Power to Change grant enabling us to refurbish the flat above the bakery and offer a training programme for local young people learning about construction and design. As part of this programme we are also building a public square on our high street.